‘Liberal Democratic Values?’ Theresa Forgets Her Party’s Very Name!

Was it not disturbing, Theresa May, her Commons speech on Article 50, ‘reassuring’ assembled MPs that exiting the Brussels Empire did not mean she was disowning their ‘European values.’


And what might those be?


‘LIBERAL DEMOCRATIC VALUES,’ she boldly declared.

There are three main parties in the Commons, not including the separatist SNP.

The main parties are the Conservative Party, the Labour Party and the Liberal Democrat Party.


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  • Mrs. May was elected as Leader of the Conservative Party – yet what does she proclaim as her preferred ideology?

  • NOT conservatism, not even conservative democracy, which, I’d say, means putting one’s own people first and affording them the right, by means of referenda, to protect their traditional, national values…

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  • ….but instead those of that third party, which has a core ideology truly reflecting the EUSSR mind-set, pandering to primitive aliens, predatory criminals and perverts.

  • Brussels’ pernicious liberal democratic bleeding-heart ‘values’ were the main reason so many Brits voted for deliverance in June last year

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  • Theresa May’s brass-necked assertion of her commitment to that permissive, poisonous ideology makes it incumbent on all British patriots to watch her like a hawk.