Beauty V Beasts – Rabid Carolina Curs Foaming At The Mouth!

Out here in Jakarta we don’t get unlimited access to all the American media, but we do get to hear about the controversies therein.

Hence when somebody upsets the racist gang calling itself Black Lives Matter by comparing them, reasonably enough, to the Ku Klux Klan, that somebody’s name tends to stick in the memory.

Especially when she’s an attractive young blonde!


\Tomi Lahren by Gage Skidmore.jpg


That lovely lady is Tomi Lahren.

don’t know how conservative she is, but that’s irrelevant to the latest news, of how a pack of demented red dolts plan to react to a planned visit by Tomi to East Carolina University.


Hasil gambar untuk east carolina university

Social (anti-social ?) media rants warn of serious mayhem if she shows up on the campus. The WT’s Cheryl Chumley offers us examples of the sort of prophecies  served up by the intellectual elite of Greenville.

“Burn the whole University.”

 “ECU is about to be a war zone.”

So arson and violence are on the menu?


Maybe it’s all talk.

Imbecilic talk, but just talk, and if so, pity for the talkers is the appropriate response.

But if it’s not mere verbal diarrhoea?

If Antifa scum are planning arson and/or violence, similar to that seen in Berkley, California?

Then at some point before the visit, due in just over two weeks, the university authorities MUST take action to have plenty of police standing by AND make it absolutely clear…


…that ANY and EVERY student arrested, arraigned and convicted of disorderly conduct of any degree aimed at preventing free speech will be expelled and never again permitted to pollute ECU with their red nazi presence.

Such ineducable scum are unfit for higher education.