Solidarity With Russia!

Sorry I produced nothing for the blog yesterday.

I was out all day, going around town, North Jakarta in the morning, Senayan for lunch, up past Tanah Abang at tea-time and a great get-together with foreign and local friends in the evening.

Home late, and now up today with little to do, so I atone for my sin of omission by expressing belated solidarity with Russia.


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Young French patriots show solidarity with Russia after a previous Islamist attack,


As in Paris and London and Berlin and Nice, we read about innocents slaughtered by a satanic beast who has apparently been killed along with his victims…



…so that’s one more sectarian pig who will be burning in Hell’s hottest corner as we go about our everyday activities this sunny Wednesday morning. 

If the atrocity in St. Petersburg is indeed another example of Islamist evil, I trust that President Putin will be more likely to hit back effectively, more than most Western leaders ever do.

With the exception of the Berlin truck-pig and similar excellent responses by French cops, none of the perps has got what’s right and proper, a bullet where it matters.  

  • Firing squads or the guillotine, that’s how all our governments should be handling these terrorist scumbags .

I certainly hope that if the Russia security forces close in on any of the cur’s collaborators, they will make short work of them.

It’s important for all of us to say something about St. Petersburg, in view of the callous indifference among the Western elites towards Russia, which even CNN had to notice..


As Russia mourns St. Petersburg attack, Europe shows little solidarity

 ..because, despite the tantrums of the Brussels clique, Russia is a country with which Europe and America can and should work against the common enemy.