Tories Ready To Stab Britons in the Back?

No point in repeating our previous condemnations of Peter Hain, a despicable character who, urged on by B. Liar, tried to do a dirty back-room deal with Madrid…


‘Let My People Go!’ Says Terrorist Mourner Hain 


…all their plotting behind closed doors.

…those negotiations never included Gibraltarians or their chief minister… a serious breach in accountability to parliament.,,

Gibraltar, as Hain confesses, was only saved from implantation of a foreign flag by Spanish intransigence.

But, while perhaps not terribly surprising, his latest appeasement howl in the Guardian reveals that the Conservative Party too has been similarly up to no good for years.


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William Armand Thomas Tristan Garel-Jones, Baron Garel-Jones


  • Former Tory Europe minister Tristan Garel-Jones has confirmed that “this is what we were trying to do under the Thatcher and Major governments…”

Now THAT  – Tory treason – is what needs urgently to be addressed. The Iron Lady is not around to defend herself.


Sinn Fein/IRA were aware of the investigation. The delegation told Downing Street that they would not attend talks without McGuinness and that he would not attend if the threat of prosecution hung over him. As a result, John Major’s government ordered that the relevant files should be ‘disappeared’. Which they duly were.’


But Little John still is alive and kicking – kicking British democracy in the teeth…

God Save The Queen – God Damn John Major

…and from what we know of his slimy record of lies and hypocrisy during the betrayal of Ulster – ‘talks with Adams would make my stomach churn,’ as those talks were going on – it’s entirely credible…

…that the swine would get into a sell-out at the drop of a hat.

His current Remainiac ranting is further evidence of his indifference towards, maybe engrained contempt for, British people’s right to self-determination, home or away.

But what’s more important is the mind-set of Theresa May.

  • There’s an ominous article in EU Observer, which all good British patriots should read carefully, if only to get their heads round one key fact as defined in May’s own lengthy White Paper, which was published on 30th May.


  • The EUSSR’s robed rogues will still rule the United Kingdom.

…the White Paper proposes that European Court of Justice case law carries the same domestic status, in terms of precedent, as UK Supreme Court judgments. Meanwhile, EU-derived law will continue to take priority over pre-Brexit Day UK law…

Column / Brexit Briefing] Controlling the right of repeal


If May will not recant, she must be brought down!