Jakarta’s Bizarre ‘Blasphemy’ Trial – Frozen Till AFTER Votes Counted?

So there’s been a call from the police for the North Jakarta
District Court suggesting them to postpone the religious blasphemy trial involving Ahok?

Sounds like Tempo’s standard of English grammar is declining towards Jakarta Post level.

Even my former teenage students would have known to write ‘suggesting that they postpone…’


But skip it.

Why are the police taking this extraordinary step?

Well, Metro Jaya Police Sr. Comr. Raden Prabowo Argo Yuwono has told Tempo why.

Argo explained that the letter was issued in an effort to maintain security and order in Jakarta, and to allow preparation for the upcoming gubernatorial election to run smoothly.


Gambar terkait


“Considering that the trial will be held close to the voting day, there are possibilities of mass mobilization. Therefore, [the letter] was issued to minimize such possibilities…”

Police Urge Court to Postpone Ahok Trial



What’s surely most important is that Ahok gets a fair trial – to the extent that anyone going on trial for an offence as absurd as ‘blasphemy’ can get a fair trial…



 – and that he knows what fate awaits him ASAP…as soon as possible!

If the court rules that he’s innocent, then that will obviously impact on his electoral prospects.

Sectarian savages will never vote for him, but thanks be, they are a minority…

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….but a lot of everyday people, confused by ignoramus propaganda, will be much more likely to come out and cast their ballots for him if he’s acquitted.  .

If, and any system that can put a man on trial for ‘blasphemy’ can just as easily find him guilty, IF Ahok is found guilty, it will harm his chances.

No matter the logic or morality of the case, a guilty verdict would hurt him. Rational people may ignore such mediaeval stuff, but a lot of Jakartans have little education and might think that a conviction for ‘blasphemy’ in the 21st century actually means something to our good Governor’s discredit.

But EITHER way, surely the citizens of Jakarta – and Ahok himself – deserve to know the judicial score, BEFORE they vote?

If there are indeed what Pak Argo calls possibilities of mass mobilization – and I dare say he’s right – then the police officers on duty are surely entitled to use every means at their disposal…

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….to quell the sort of Islamist hoodlum thuggery we saw at the other anti-Ahok ‘Long Marches’ (aka fanatic shufflings!)