Pedophilia Triumphs In Malaysian Parliament!

 Malaysia has gone from bad to worse in recent years, sinking into a sectarian pit of Islamist triumphalism.

Perhaps the most offensive episode was when the high court granted one religion (guess who?) the right to deny others the right to address God Almighty as they deem appropriate.




Malaysia, Truly Arabia! Intolerance Rules Kuala Lumpur Court! 


Happily, although Indonesians speak more or less the same language, no such vile bigotry has been yet instituted here.


But every civilised person in the world must surely shudder at this latest news from Kuala Lumpur,where a motion to amend the Sexual Offences Against Children Bill to include child marriages as an offence was ultimately defeated by a voice vote.

A voice vote?


  • A shrill chorus from creatures eager to acquiesce in pedophilia?

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What a nightmare country to live in.


Gambar terkait



That move to thwart child-sex-predators came from Teo Nie Ching, a Democratic Action Party MP, who not only deserves praise for her unfortunately unsuccessful endeavour to protect children but is also attractive to look at.

That’s a lot more than can be said for another MP, pictured below, who provoked disgust by his contribution to the debate.


Hasil gambar untuk Shabudin Yahaya rape

But then Syabuddin Yahaya is a ‘former shariah court judge.’


It’s a pretty sorry situation when we have to draw comfort from the widespread disgust expressed after that legislator, from the National Front/UMNO party, spouted primitive garbage.

He publicly asserted that there was nothing wrong with a girl getting married to her rapist and that it would be good for the girl as she would otherwise face a bleak future.


  • The freako added that this could be the perfect remedy to social problems.

  • Another lady law-maker has now called on the UMNO party president, Najib Razak, to fire the foul fool.

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  • Hasil gambar untuk Kasthuri Patto
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Kuala Lumpur voice vote


  • But simply identifying and isolating one pig-ignoramus is nowhere near enough.

  • A much better idea would be to sack every single callous cur who ulutated in that voice vote against safeguarding young girls from predatory pigs.

  • Meanwhile, we wait- without doubt in vain – for the United Nations sticky-beak hypocrites to take a break from scolding Europeans who want to keep adult ‘child’ primitives out of their countries.

    Hulk Update: UNICEF Sticky-Beak Slams Age-Check Call

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  • Instead they should be hauling Malaysia’s UN Ambassador before their ‘human rights commission’ to be held account for the very real, rapacious violation of childhood represented by that ‘voice vote’ in KL.