BBC Refutes Snopes ‘Fact-Check’ – There ARE No-Go Zones In Sweden!

Just been tuned into BBC World News here in Jakarta, around 11pm local time, to see if they had any new info on the Stockholm terrorist atrocity.

Not a lot.


One of their men in Sweden stated quite clearly that there are ‘suburbs’ into which police choose not to go.


Gambar terkait

So much for the Snopes leftist ‘fact-check’ site, which only last week indulged in one of its little outbursts.

Swedish police have identified “problem areas,” but say there is no such thing as a “no-go zone.” Crime in Sweden, Part III: Does Sweden Have ‘NoGo Zones‘ Where …

Moreover, the BBC also reported that there is known terrorist funding, against which Swedish law at present does not permit police to act.

I hope the Sweden Democrats make hay with this situation.

  • When a country’s rulers allow the country to slip into this kind of mayhem by irresponsible migration policies – no matter who drove today’s murder-mobile, there’s plenty of other evil been done by crimmigrants – that country’s patriotic citizens should redouble their efforts to fight back.