‘Disregarded Deportation Order?’ Why Wasn’t The Uzbek Behind Bars?

No wonder ‘Dirt Dan’ Eliasson, Swedish Police Commissar, was so unwilling to divulge the truth about the Uzbek held on terror charges.

NOW the cops have been forced to tell the truth that the undesirable alien should not have been in Stockholm, or anywhere in Sweden, at all!

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  • On the news I just watched, it’s been revealed he applied for ‘permanent residence’ over two years ago but his application was rejected. The cops say they’d been looking for him because he had not complied with the consequent order to deport him.

This is simply farcical.

When was he told he had to leave? Was he called in, to be told face to face? Did they send him a letter saying ‘sorry but you’re out?’

If he was advised in person, he should have at once been taken into custody and put behind bars until a plane out of Sweden was revving up on the runway.



If a notice was sent, it should have been delivered by armed police, to detain him on the spot.

Instead, the damfool Swedes gave him plenty of warning to drop out of sight.

Or did he not bother to drop out of sight?

We’re told also that he’d been heard expressing sympathy for the murderous rape-gang ISIS. When was this overheard? Why was he not at once hand-cuffed and hauled off to be incarcerated?

It’s not the common constables who deserve condemnation. They have to do as they’re told.


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Dan Eliasson
Rikspolischef, Rikspolisstyrelsen
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It’s left-liberal rats like Eliasson, and all his chums in the rotten establishment who  –

A  = failed to enforce existing law, if that was adequate to apprehend the man, or, if it wasn’t… 

B = failed to reform the law to enable the cops to grab this brute and secure him for deportation.

WHAT was so hard about getting that done?

Gambar terkaitSweden’s political elite


WHY did the political class sit on their complacent, complicit backsides until terror struck this past few days?

AND…am I right in thnking that even now they will decline to act? Will every alien who gets told he’s due for deportation be allowed to wander off and avoid it?

Does Eliasson even care?

Or can we expect him to make his true feelings known on the subject of this Uzbek? Will he regurgitate the sicko sentiments he vomited out up about how distraught we should be….



…for a lone young boy who commits such a heinous incident. What has that person been through? Under what circumstances has he grown up? What is the trauma he carries?”

Those were Eliasson’s words about a murderous alien savage who brutally killed a young Swedish girl. Of course Dirty Dan would have to adapt his script a little, since the Uzbek is 39 years old.

But there’s no reason to think Sweden’ boss cop might feel any less sympathetic to a lawless fan of fanatic gangs than he felt for that younger blood-stained beast.