On Palm Sunday In Egypt, Christians Murdered By Evil Islamists

After the atrocity in Westminster, there was another in Russia. And another in Sweden.

Today, we hear of twenty plus innocents in the small Egyptian city of Tanta, near Alexandria, brutally killed, no doubt by Islamist pigs consumed with sectarian hatred.


  • Like their less lethal, but just as loathesome, counterparts here in Indonesia, of whom I wrote a couple of years ago, when another Christian holy day was obscenely blighted…

Christ’s Ascension Day – Islamist Savages Pelt Congregation With Sewage, Urine and Rocks 

…those Egyptian Islamist swine are devoid of humanity and of common decency – though having visited Egypt, I know most Egyptians, of all creeds, like most Indonesians of all creeds, are not at all like that, far from it!

So let’s remember the martyred Egyptians, too, when Swedes hold their minute’s silence.