Vimy Ridge – What Was Going Through Justin’s Mind?

I believe my Uncle Jack – actually my Grandma’s brother – served in Europe during the Great War. He, like just about all my kin of every generation, was  both a proud Canadian and a loyal subject of His Britannic Majesty.

We were never in doubt about our country’s independence and never saw any need to prattle on about it.

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Interesting therefore to read -even in the French edition of The Local – that there are still arguments about whether Vimy Ridge was some sort of key to Canada’s evolution into a nation, a view disputed by Michael Boire of Canada’s Royal Military College.

He reckons Vimy Ridge was “pure mythology…It was neither decisive for the war’s outcome “nor the most fundamental” of the battles fought by Canadians during the conflict, Boire said.


It doesn’t matter.



We won the battle and those young Canadians in 1917 fought bravely, and many of them never came home.

It seemed odd that Justin Turdo showed up. He, like his foul father, Pierre…


Two of a kind


…would probably rather forget forever the Canadian role in the defence of the British Empire.

Turdeau and Terrorism – Like Father, Like Son? 

But Pretty Boy had to do his ceremonial duty, I guess.

It would have been even more jarring still, had it been a WW2 battle being commemorated.

Turdo Senior, after all, was a notorious Nazi sympathiser,

Young Trudeau: Fascist, anti-Semite, and separatist –