Will YOU Ever Fly On United Airlines Again?

A lot of airlines behave as if they are authoritarian autocrats.

I have mentioned some examples of arrogance, like uniformed flunkeys telling people they aren’t ALLOWED to bring their own snacks aboard, an attempt to force us to dine on their own over-priced stuff.

OUTRAGE on Air Asia!


But the shocking scenes from that United Airlines plane, a man dragged bloodily off the aircraft by the airline’s goons?


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He’d done nothing, was neither rude nor disruptive, had paid for his ticket, and was grossly maltreated ONLY because of UA’s incompetence in over-booking the flight – apparently mismanagement commonly perpetrated by many airlines!

If they’d done the decent thing, offered any passenger willing to skip the flight a reasonable reward, say $20,000 plus a free flight to any destination on their routes…

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…I’ll bet they could have achieved their objective, replacing those who accepted with favourites they prefer to honest customers.

“They bloodied a senior citizen & dragged him off the plane so THEIR OWN STAFF could take his seat,” one Twitter user wrote.


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Oscar Munoz


Ah, but the obnoxious ass Oscar Munoz, U.A. CEO, reminds us that the victim DEFIED his louts.

How dare a man who paid his money and had his ticket DEFY Munoz’ bullies? It would of course be quite wrong to wish that somebody mete out similar treatment to Munoz, but I dare say a lot of people would like to!

Enter the clowns, hefty clowns with no compunctions about resorting to violence.

Now the United Airlines brand is a stench in the nostrils of would-be travellers around the world.

Time to do something about this wretched company.

People who need to fly can make a start.




Best for the appropriate authorities in the USA to ban the company from all US airports.

    PS – Munoz has now literally added insult to injury, calling his goons’ victim belligerent and disruptive.,so in fairness i add the Munoz version, which is that when crew members first approached the passenger to tell him to leave, he “raised his voice and refused to comply,” and each time they asked again “he refused and became more and more disruptive and belligerent.”


.In other words, there’s no suggestion whatsoever that the victim was anything other than a model passenger, UNTIL he was told to leave the plane!


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Good on the old guy!

If Munoz needed to get his employees to some other city, then he could have hired a private plane or a helicopter. It’s not that he’s short of cash.

Instead, UA turned on its passengers and turned them out of seats they’d booked, bought and paid for.