How Infantile, Turning United Airlines Outrage Into A ‘Race’ Issue!

Like most people, I was horrified by those arrogant United Airlines goons’ maltreatment of a passenger…

Will YOU Ever Fly On United Airlines Again? 

….and will certainly never use Oscar Munoz’ crappy company ever again.


But is it not a great pity that some race-obsessed cretins had to try to turn it into a ‘discrimination’ controversy?

Racism Allegations in United Airlines Scandal Fire Up Chinese …

What happened was an outrage.

Even if the victim had been some mincing millennial pinko, I’d have been up in arms on his or her or its behalf.


Hasil gambar untuk millennial snowflake

Snowflake hogwash – – why normals despise them


Less angrily, true, if it had been a snow-flake – one must be truthful!

But don’t these clowns realise that if they turn it into a mere part of the never-ending cacaphonous chorus of the ‘diversity’ industry’s glee club, they instantly lose sympathy?

It’s like those obnoxious racists in the Black Lives Matter mob. who make vociferous objection to rational people who assert that All Lives Matter.

Booed By Racist Mob For Saying “White Lives Matter,” Democrat U-Turns ASAP 

Stuff Diversity.

Fair play is what counts.