Dunkirk Crimmigrants On the Run? Deploy Bounty-Hunters!

It would have been easy to pick a story with a headline reminding us of the criminal character of the illegals encamped at Dunkirk.



  • But of course most all of us are aware of their taste for uncivilised mayhem, so the fact that the arson was crimmigrant-initiated came as no surprise.

  • What’s more alarming is that Francois Hollande, in his lame-duck year, not only allowed the swine to move there despite his preposterous claim to have shifted the Calais Curs to defenceless French towns far away…

Tell Us, Hollande – How Will Such Savages Enrich French Rural Life! 

.but seemingly has now allowed the savages to go on the run, when clearly police and armed forces should have been alerted to secure the scene and lock up every last one of the alien intruders, as soon as the blaze began.

As I wrote last month..French ‘Green’ Mayor- Don’t Be ‘Abrupt’ With Illegals! …they need to be corralled and deported.

But while that would have been a simple matter, if only Hollande had possessed the patriotic pluck for once to do the right thing, it’s now being reported that some 600 illegals are off the radar.

Some are believed to be hiding because they fear the authorities or because they fear rejoining a camp with rival gangs.  

Hundreds of Migrants At Large After Fire Ravages French Camp


Actually, there’s little point in searching for them, if the only purpose is to get their parasitic snouts back into the largesse on offer.

But if there was an honest patriot in the Elsysee Palace, rather than a Mama Stasi marionette…

Gambar terkait

  • …would it not be a grand idea to offer a bounty to anyone who captures a crimmigrant and brings it back for detention?

  • I doubt it would need to be any more than a modest sum, for surely there are thousands of good French folk there who would happily hoist their hunting rifles and head out on their light spring/summer evenings or their days off work.

  • —-

  • Yes, I know, just NOT a realistic plan for now…


  • … but later this year, with President Le Pen in power…?