Happy Easter To All Our Readers!

The Easter weekend begins, and today will be a day of rest, no visitors scheduled, no outings, as I have enough household necessities – cigarettes, coffee, beef rendang and potatoes…



…and a couple of paperbacks to read out front while the Jakarta sun continues to shine.


Hasil gambar untuk book incompetence book United States of Europe

It is a murder mystery and political thriller set in a near-future federal Europe, where no-one can be “prejudiced from employment for reason of age, race, creed or incompitence.” Consequently, much of the population demonstrates an extreme lack of competence in their occupations.    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Incompetence_(novel)

I recommend that one, which I’m halfway through, but maybe you prefer to idle indoors or, if you’re in Britain, go down the pub!

Whatever your preference…  


Hasil gambar untuk easter


So today, a real holiday, the holy day aspect reserved for Sunday, and enough social activity tomorrow – a most welcome guest due for brunch-time, a telcon with those overseas who matter to me, and a night out with friends.

I hope you too will have a Happy Easter.