Hire More Typists, Pak? Jakarta ‘Justice’ Delayed!

Prosecutors postponed the reading of the sentence demand against Jakarta Governor Basuki “Ahok” Tjahaja Purnama until April 20, a day after the runoff, saying they have not yet finished typing the demand.


No point railing about this again.

We did so last week.

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“We’ve tried our best but one week is not enough for us to make the demand. We apologize that we can’t read out the sentence demand today,” prosecutor Ali Mukartono said during a hearing Tuesday. 

So is it a shortage of typists, really and truly, that prevents them getting on with this outlandish trial?

The presiding judge Dwiarso Budi Santiarto then offered the prosecutors to read their demand on April 17.

Ignore the Jakarta Post’s lousy grammar. It’s the judge’s perfectly reasonable request that matters.

Ali responded to the judges’ suggestion by asking them to consider the Jakarta Police chief’s letter to the North Jakarta district court dated April 4 that suggested that the court postpone the hearing until the Jakarta gubernatorial election on April 19 due to security reasons. 


If it’s all just playing politics, why drag in their inability to collect enough competent typists?

The so-called ‘security’ reasons are in fact a concern that more Islamist mob disorder might erupt. And that is entirely possible.

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But the response should surely not be to juggle the trial time-table.

Better by far to equip the police with plentiful and effective weaponry…

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…and give them carte blanche to take whatever steps might be required to disperse savage fanatics.