Media Bias Par Excellence – If Marine Wins, It’s ‘The Black Scenario!’

I’m afraid my linguistic skills don’t really extend to French.

In my youthful travelling days I picked up un peux  – but that’s about it.

But that doesn’t stop me being sympathetic to the French people…


Solidarite Avec La France! Bring Back Madame Guillotine! 

…unlike the ISIS rape-gang…



…to whom France is an object of particular hatred –

Solidarite Avec Les Filthy French!

However, it seems like a significant sector of the French in-crowd may be prepared to embrace a similar detestation of their own fellow-citizens…



…if they dare vote for the patriot party’s Marine Le Pen next week.


Look at the near-hysterical bias now surging in The Leftal’s French edition- sorry, The Local’s French edition – and mirrored in other Gallic media.

The ‘black scenario’: And what if Marine Le Pen becomes president of France?

That’s the headline, and just to show that the inverted commas are a mere device to deflect recognition of shameless ‘anti’ bias, the story in that prime example of merde media commences with this –

The spectre of victory for the far-right candidate…sends shivers down many a spine.

In fact, the spectre of victory for the Merkelite Macron undoubtedly sends shivers down many a spine too…

Image result for macron brussels

France’s Macron – A Mere Merkel Sycophant! 


…but you’ll never read such a throw-away prejudice sentence like that about the oily left-liberal banker in The Leftal.



Those inverted commas are explained lower down the page – the pinko pukes are quoting, with undisguised relish, from the left-leaning newsweekly L’Obs, which ran a special report last month titled “Black Scenario of the First 100 Days.”


Hasil gambar untuk matthieu croissandeau



Matthieu Croissandeau, the editor who published that special report must have gladdened many a Fench patriot heart when he declared that Marine poses a “genuine peril.”

But it’s not just Matthieu.

Nor just France 24, which we covered last month.

Les Français d’abord? Not Aboard France 24’s Bias Express! 

Even as I was typing this, France24’s bald bore, ex-CNN hack Doug Herbert…


Hasil gambar untuk france 24 american the interview

Herbert – a repeat bias offender

France24’s Lefty Yank Eggs On Greek Pinko Agitator! 

…was interviewing a French ‘non-partisan’ think-tank hack. It was like ping-pong, batting anti-Trump hostility back and forth.


As in America, the creepoid ‘intellectual’ section of the French establishment is yelping vigorously – actors, singers and other artists put their names to an op-ed in the Liberation daily last Sunday warning: “The National Front is on the threshold of power. We call for a bulwark against Marine Le Pen… in the name of freedom of thought and creativity.”

So reminiscent of the Trump-haters in the USA, so arrogant in their almost touching belief…



…that their ‘celebrity’ status makes their opinions more worthy of notice than the views of butchers or bakers or candle-stick makers. Again like the USA last year, we even read of self-important flap-jaws babbling about moving to Canada if Marine wins…


Hasil gambar untuk guy bedos Bedos

…past-it ‘celebs’ like leftwing comedian Guy Bedos.

Poor Canada, destination of choice for all the world’s worst!


The enraged elite even includes those whose duties require them to remain above politics, like the liberal-bigot who is France’s Ambassador to Japan…


Hasil gambar untuk thierry dana ambassadeur

Thierry Dana, wrote in an op-ed last month that he would “shelve all diplomatic duties” if Le Pen is elected…

That was an insubordination too far even for Hollande’s government – The foreign ministry had to remind Dana of his obligation to remain neutral over the election.

There’s a lot more – already some pinkos are planning to emulate the Enemies Within USA who have gone trotting off to politicised courts to thwart their President’s moves to improve America.

Why the ratcheting up of the shrill factor?

Simple – the rats are on the run!

The reason why The Local will never publish any similar blast against Emmanuel Macron is because the hacks who control it are terrified that French democracy will produce a pro-French President.

…a great many pundits were wrong about Brexit and Donald Trump after failing to feel the populist pulse.