France24’s Anti-Israel Pinko Prof ‘Hopes’ Marine Won’t Win!

‘Backward?’ ‘Scared?’

Just two adjectives deployed against the promise of reform offered by Marine Le Pen.

And as the interview with the author of How the French Think: An Affectionate Portrait of an Intellectual People, an Oxbridge don come down from his ivory tower to the studio of France 24, Prof.  Suhdir Hazareesingh went on…


Hasil gambar untuk Oxford Professor Sudhir Hazareesingh israel

Pinko Prof Hazareesingh


….he totally gave their bias game away with his final words, telling his interviewer, (a chap who looked about 12 years old!) that, while a victory for Marine was ‘possible…’


I decided to check up on this Mauritius-born man.

In 2015, an Israel-bashing shindig at the world-famous university was filled with over 250 people as Oxford’s Sudhir Hazareesingh introduced Denis Goldberg.

Ten years of Israeli Apartheid Week at Oxford

And who might Goldberg be?

I’ll let him speak for himself.

My parents were of the communist left….In the 1950s I joined the Congress of Democrats and the Communist Party underground…


Then when the 90 Day Act came into effect in 1962, my comrades of the Communist Party and other organizations assured me I would be among the first arrested, because I was known as Mr Technico in our movement.

So our Prof is not just one of your average-boring-pinko left-liberals but prepared to embrace evil in the form of unrepentant Reds?

It’s up to F24 if they feel the need to give this geezer a platform to make clear his own left-liberal preferences.

But if they’re going to have a foreign academic – he’s  a professor of politics at Oxford University – doing his little bitty best to influence the French presidential election, with ill-disguised pro-Macron babbling, then…



  • ….if they have any pretensions to impartiality, which –  since they parasite gleefully on tax-payers’ money – they should –

A – at least explain that their guest is no mere cloistered scholar but a politically motivated agitator, an eager collaborator with a known Communist in an Anti-Israel hate-fest..


B – they should meet the litmus-test on media bias – when will they have another academic, or anyone pro-patriot, on stage to maintain balance?

Answer- no way, mais non, not a bloody chance.

They are just as rotten with left-liberalism as  their state-subsidised counterparts in Britain and Germany.

The Polish Government has the right idea.

As indeed it seems that Donald Trump has too.

Clean out the sty.

Remove the Enemy Within from editorial control of public broadcasting.

PS- that anti-Marine outburst by the Prof occurred a couple of weeks ago, but France24 seems to have him on now as a regular prattler.

Watch out for his objective commentaries!