Asia’s Next Top Model? Minh Tu OK – And Bring Back Anjelica!

Only just noticed that this interesting show was on after I got home last night.

Spent some jolly evenings watching last year’s, so I really had to have a look-see and, lo, I immediately chose my favourite, Minh Tu, a yummy Vietnamese lass.


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Minh Tu – ain’t she something?


I suppose I fell for her when she fell over, the daft contest having included a ridiculous mini-marathon, which, fun to watch as the running girls were clad in negligees, was nevertheless far too physically demanding for sweet wee things like her.

Naturally, one must cheer on the Indonesian competitors, Veronika and Valerie, who are twins, and Clara…


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Clara in the middle!


…but already I find myself dissenting from the harsh judges, who sent lovely Anjelica home to The Philippines.


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  • [[[[[[[[[[[[
  • They need to appoint a more discerning panel.The first episode at least had a fairly normal sort of guy sitting up there, but the second – that tyke Yu Tsai was back!

  • Heck, even if I take a walk to the mini-mart for cigarettes, I tend to have a shave beforehand. If I were due to appear among twenty or so gorgeous young ladies, I’d make an effort – he’d neither combed his hair nor bothered to find and use a razor!

  • I shall email tomorrow and see if I’m eligible to take on a judicial role.