British Lib-Dems Talk Sense? No, Too Good To Be True!

Wow, just waking up, though dressed and ready to go out to meet some friends downtown.

But I tuned into the news, BBC in fact, to see if our Islamist enemy Erdogan had won his referendum.

Then I noticed the text news running along the bottom of the screen.

A Liberal Democrat urging the UK to revoke the citizenship of some unwholesome character of Middle Eastern origins.

Or was it?

On closer inspection, the name was indeed Arabic, but the photograph was not of some backward bint leering evilly through a slit in her burka…


 …. maybe one of those ‘radicalised’ demonesses come back to enjoy the British welfare state after a stint with the ISIS rape-gang.

Instead, the target of LibDem loathing turns out to be a rather pretty, well-groomed lady…


Gambar terkait

Home secretary urged to revoke Asma al-Assad’s British citizenship

I tend not to be very perspicacious before 10 am, so the ‘Assad’ bit didn’t register at first.

However the photo in the Guardian awoke me to the fact that it’s President Assad’s wife.

But what’s really interesting is that Tom Brake, a prominent LibDem spokesman (backed by at least one Tory MP, to be fair) wants to have the Syrian First Lady stripped of her UK citizenship, even though she was born here!

Can we now expect Liberal Democrats (and fellow-travelling Tories etc. ) to start a loud and vigorous uproar exhorting the Home Secretary to strip UK citizenship from every single swine, male or female…



…who swanned off to the ISIS caliphate and sold their souls to dark forces, in the service of the satanic caliphate in Mosul?

Or is it to be a case of continuing double-standards, get Asma but forgive and forget the wicked jihadists?

Aaah, but Asma has Syrian citizenship too, you see.

In contrast, the poor, pathetic ISIS returnees could be left ‘stateless’ if Brits do the right thing and disown them.

Because, guess who – The UNITED NATIONS – has decreed Britain is powerless thus to punish disloyal aliens who pledged allegiance to evil!

 …it is illegal under UN law to “for any country to make its citizens stateless…”British jihadi passport bans explained – Telegraph

Big deal. Tell the UN to shove its ‘law!’

The ratbags signed up with their ‘caliph,’ so let him issue them with his blood-stained passports…


Hasil gambar untuk isis passport


…while he still can.

 Never mind.

The Home Secretary, after all, is none other than Amber Rudd.

Amber’s Army Disembarks – Brits Should Echo French Resistance! 

She will open the doors to just about any phoney ‘refugee’ – so why would she close those doors to ISIS renegades.