Cheap Little Reptiles In Jakarta!

No, I’m not talking about the slimy fanatics who want to burn Governor Ahok.

It’s actual reptiles, on sale in Jakarta’ Citraland Mall near Grogol…



…where I stopped on my way back from the persecuted Christians’ Easter Sunday Service downtown. Oppressed Christians In The Street Heat, In Pluralist Indonesia 

Short of provisions, I was delighted to find both eggs and bananas offered at 50% discounts.

Although eager to get home and put my feet up, I was nevertheless distracted from my planned sharp exit by a crowd of shoppers milling around in one corner of the mall. When I neared the throng, what should I see but a large sign, advertising –

GECKOS, Buy 1, Get 1 Free…


Gambar terkait


Or words to that effect.

Now, if I really wanted a gecko, I could get one free most every day, were I fast enough to grab one, There are lots, darting around the streets of the housing complex where I live.

But I don’t.

I already enjoy reptilian guests galore, the little cecak, which often drop by, and sit still on my living-room walls or slink around my sink.

Hasil gambar untuk cecak


No zoologist, I’d say they’re little cousins of the gecko.

Cute and harmless, and presumably devourers of bugs, they are welcome guests, whom I do my best to protect from my cat’s predatory instincts.

But it wasn’t just geckos on sale on Sunday arvo.

A small ‘Bali python’ was on display, and I mean small, more like a large earth-worm…


Hasil gambar untuk anaconda J Lopez movie


…nothing at all in common with those that menace gorgeous women like J-Lo in silly movies.

Oh, she had trouble with an anaconda, not a python? Never mind, the illustration surely didn’t go amiss.

But I felt sorry for them all, those tiny snakes, newts, etc.

Do the folks that buy them on a whim genuinely take good care of them?