Bravo, Marine! Blonde Bomb-Shell Slams Hypocrite Dope Francis!

One can only envy the French their opportunity to turn the tide next week.


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Marine Le Pen shows so much courage, in contrast to the clowns and curs who have dragged the country down, and now she’s put the Asinine Ould Argie in his place.

“The fact that he appeals for charity, for welcoming others, foreigners, does not shock me,” Le Pen said. “But charity should only be personal.”

  • If states go against the interests of their own people by welcoming migrants it raises questions of “interference,” she said.

Yes indeed.

And Dope Francis is still very selective in his own sense of charity, telling everyone else to dismantle borders and let the horde in…


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‘Si, foreigners are welcome there- if they are tourists with money to spend!’


…while maintaining his huge Castel Gandolfo summer palace and estate as a money-making tourist-trap when it could easily accommodate hundreds of the crimmigrant budgers infesting Italy.

Dope Paul Spurns My Plan – Castelgandolfo, Open To Tourists, NOT ‘Migrants!’