Paranoia In Paris – Foreign Bloggers Promoting Marine?

A French reader sent me this story.


Forget the Russians, are Americans meddling to help boost Le Pen’s chances?

So with The Donald still being hounded by left-liberal media over the far-fetched fake-news ‘Russian Interference’ controversy…

BTW, whoever did that hacking last year, what was divulged was surely essential reading for the USA’s electorate.


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Had the hackers not intruded, who’d have known that the DemocRats were using anti-semitism in hopes of subverting Bernie Sanders.


Lesbian Brazile

  • Who would have known that the unpleasant lesbian Ms Brazile had gotten hold of copies of the questions, sprung on Trump but handed in sly manner to Clinton, in that Presidential Debate?


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  • NOW we have to put up with even more outlandish pinko paranoid propaganda, reporting (no, claiming…no, suggesting…) that the global reach of the vast rightwing conspiracy includes a Trumpist manoeuvre, to help the French patriot party’s Marine Le Pen?

  • Really?

  • Well, not President Trump himself!

  • Although The Leftal ( sorry The Local) plasters a big picture of Donald beside one of Marine…


Forget the Russians, are Americans meddling to help boost Le Pen's chances?…………..

….as if he himself is involved in the report – just another example of cultural marxist smear tactics, guilt by association!

In fact all the lefty rag can come up with is that people like me, lounging around sunny Jakarta in my ample free time…



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…or at least my counterparts ( many of my nice readers!) in the USA..

 are working hard to boost

 …the blonde front-runner’s prospects in next week’s election.

I must say it’s a tad annoying that all the credit for such solidarity between conservative/nationalist groups and individuals across the world is given to my American allies!

I’ve been hard at it for months!

CNN Continues Its War On Marine Le Pen! 

Dirty Tricks! French Reds Take Low Road To Stop Marine! 


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But The Local report is not up to much, threadbare, really-

Certain hashtags, including #MFGA – Make France Great Again (a spin on Trump’s election slogan Make America Great Again) GIVE AWAY  (my emphasis) the partisan nature of the social media users.

Give Away?

No leaks, no hacks, all open and above board! Hardly a ‘give-away‘ since the users concerned make no bones about their partisan motives.

Of course patriots in every land are rooting for the deliverance of France…


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…just as their parents or grandparents were rooting for the Free French during the German Occupation in the first half of the 1940s!

In fact the fake news becomes almost tautological at times, viz.-

...American internet users are also trying to influence the outcome of the presidential election by helping to boost Marine Le Pen’s chances of winning.

All one can really say is –


I don’t even speak more than a smidgin of French –

Les Français d’abord? Not Aboard France 24’s Bias Express! 

– see?.

But it would be a betrayal of my, of our, moral duty to sit back idly and not cheer on Marine.

Fair’s fair!

I applauded Hofer in Austria. I cheered on Trump once it was clear he was America’s last best hope against the evil Clintons.

And even the ‘experts’ quoted in The Leftal confirm that every little bit of backing on the internet that good guys and/or gals get, while unlikely to be a deciding factor – as if any of us imagined it could be…




“There are always several factors that determine an election, but the significance of all this noise around Marine Le Pen is that it can give dynamism to her campaign and add to the foreign media coverage around her, which feeds the impression that she is powerful.”

She IS powerful.


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And next week, with so much of the biased media in France shrilling against her, but lots of little candles of clarity blazing away on her behalf, both home and away, may she be more powerful yet.