Cazeneuve, Lame-Duck Lap-Dog’s Cur, Snarls At Marine

That pathetic little man Cazeneuve, Lame-Duck Hollande’s PM ( aka top flunkey ) whose miserable appeasement approach we’ve had to comment on before…

Cazeneuve Crawls Again – Did He Visit Any Rape Victims? 

…has now bared his teeth and criticised Marine.

This on the same day that the ‘justice system’ he presides over is shown to be to blame for the latest atrocity in Paris.



The Islamist pig was in prison, but was released FIVE YEARS EARLY.

Had he still been behind bars, he’d not have been on the Champs Elysees to murder that cop.

Soft sentences! Gutless government!

Time for a REAL change!

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Roll on Sunday!