Hands Off Bacon – Sticky-Beaks Swoop On School-Kids!

Ban bacon from kids’ school meals?



Am I yet again forced to rail against obnoxious Islamists, seeking to impose their alien prejudices on hitherto tolerant societies?

No, the culprit today is a certain Dr. Neal Barnard…



…who has chosen to shrill his ‘expert’ strictures from the lofty pedestal of his position as sticky-beak supreme, kingpin of the ‘Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine…

Gambar terkait


“Simply providing the foods sends the message that processed meats are healthful and part of a nutritious diet, which is clearly at variance with scientific fact,” Barnard said.

I have to say I detest these uppities!

What we eat and what our offspring eat is UP TO US!


Gambar terkait


This Sunday morn, late morn, that is, I intend to feed greedily on a breakfast of fried eggs, fried bacon and fried potatoes, with some bread, possibly toasted, to make sandwiches as I relax.

A dreadful diet?


I laugh in the face of Know-All Neal and his nattering clique.

A muesli-munching mincing ninny


Would they have me dine daintily on muesli? Sip snootily on carrot-juice instead of washing it down with a few mugs of kopi jawa?



Busy-body Barnard should take his elitist arrogance and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine.


But that’s just my opinion!

A more elegant, but equally appropriate, response comes from Liz Sheld…

…who wrote the excellent article in PJ Media.


It doesn’t send that message.

No kid, unless brainwashed by the food police, is thinking about that when he is eating his lunch.

Scaring a kid about what he eats is a great way to turn a child into a neurotic, eating-disordered mess.

If they are worried about what the school is serving, then they can bring their own lunch.  https://pjmedia.com/trending/2017/04/18/nanny-group-sues-school-districts-over-bacon-sausage-bologna-lunches/