Bagus, TransJakarta!

I have to get to Bekasi, or nearby, next week, to meet some former students.

They told me to come to Harapan Indah by TransJakarta Busway. But studying the route maps at Harmoni, there’s no sign of a Halte Busway by that name.



However, I did see an email address for info, and asked a local friend to try it for me. My Indonesian language skills are not that bad, but I wanted to make sure my meaning was clear.



So I sat back and watched as she sent it off.  I was not overly hopeful, because while Indonesians are usually friendly and helpful, organised activity and/or technical communication can sometimes come unstuck.



Within ten minutes, there came a reply, giving precise clear instructions. It seems the problem which I had encountered was down to the maps not being updated.

So although I have had occasion to criticise TransJakarta in the past ( and they still send far too many buses to Kalideres and not enough to Lebak Bulus, and ‘convoys’ are still too common) I commend their emailing staff.

If you are planning a journey – it’s only Rp.3500 wherever you go – that’s 35 cents – here’s their email address.