She Is Sailing, She Is Sailing…To Victory, To Victory…

Some clown called Minter Dial has just been mouthing off on France 24, telling us that the ‘appropriate’ choice must be Muppet Macron in the second round of the French presidential election.


  • Gambar terkait

Minter Dial

Gambar terkait

  • France24 has declared their ‘estimate’ of the first round result is 23.5 for Muppet, 21/5 for Marine, but that is far from reliable.

I prefer the somewhat grudging but necessary recognition of reality in one part of the UK media!


France is resigned – Marine Le Pen may win


Foto Leave.EU.

Already the Socialist – who only got 6% ! – has urged his fans to Vote Muppet.

It seems various ‘conservatives’ are doing much the same – including Fillon!

Hardly unexpected – he is no more a genuine ‘conservative’ than Muppet himself.

Yet will traditional French folk who fell for Fillon’s phoney ‘conservatism’ this time suddenly choose to vote for a Europhiliac, cosmopolitan bankster, when they have a true patriot alternative?

And where will the working men and women who voted for ‘Unsubmissive’ Melenchon go? Seems to me they’ll not be inclined to go En Marche with Muppet.

So there’s every reason to be optimistic!