Hammer The Hypocrites – Slash UN Funding!

There are few more foully hypocritical outfits in the known universe than the United Nations.



We have covered the various iniquities oftimes before.

‘Alarm’ In the Vortex of Hypocrisy – But Hark At Brussels! 

So it’s a delight to proffer a petition from some good American patriots aiming to cut some of cash that the parasitic organism soaks up from honest men and women in civilised countries –


Our politicians continue to pour your tax money into the United Nations.

When will they learn that the American people are sick and tired of throwing billions of dollars into this black hole of waste, fraud, and abuse?!

Please sign the National Petition ordering Congress to slash U.S. funding of this wasteful, bloated, anti-American bureaucracy. Washington needs to hear from you right now.