UN Hypocrisy – Time To Stop Crawling To Sexist Primitives?

This HAS to be a joke!

… the election of Saudi Arabia to the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women.

Election of Saudi Arabia to UN women’s rights council causes outrage

Well, no, it isn’t a joke, just one more nail in the coffin of an outfit born in hypocrisy and spiralling ever faster into a kind of alternative psychotic universe, something like what George Orwell maybe had in mind when he wrote ‘1984.’


Freedom is Slavery, War is Peace


Or like putting Count Dracula in charge of a blood bank.


What the Hell do the Saudis know about the ‘status’ of women, except that they are there to be kept in something like servitude.

Women are subjected to vile, mindless discrimination.

Saudi men walk around in jeans and casual shirts, while coercing women into horrid black shrouds, and – the nadir of imbecility – banning their wives and daughters from getting behind the wheel of a motor car?

That’s shariah!


Hasil gambar untuk women's rights sharia


Sexist apartheid, whose acolytes now serve on a UN body to monitor women’s ‘status.’

Surely civilised countries must draw a line under this evil organisation, where despots get a vote along with democracies, albeit the former flout the basics of the UN Charter while the latter observe them.

Russia Off UN ‘Human Rights’ Council -Who’s Left On? 

The best thing to do with the UN is to reduce it to a bad memory, dumped into the dustbin of history like its poor old predecessor, the League of Nations, which was also fairly useless but perhaps not so marked by rancid double-standards.

Empty the UN’s plush offices and gas-bag debating chambers and turn them into homes for the deserving poor in every land such premises exist, but…

NO illegal immigrants, thanks!