Venezuela’s Soldiers Should Use The Killian Barracks As Inspiration!

A few people have asked me why I’m not saying anything about the bloody scenes in Caracas, where the people are putting up heroic resistance against Castro-fan Maduro’s red regime.


Gambar terkait

Maduro with the Evil Old Man of Havana


I have of course previously posted supportive words for the democratic resistance…


Viva Venezuela! 

…but I take the point.

As I said in my previous comments…

In Europe, As In Venezuela, Questions of Loyalty 

…it seems to me that only when the armed forces put patriotism before any misplaced allegiance to the shameless marxist thugs in power that freedom can triumph.


Again, I have reminisced about the meal I had with my offspring in Budapest, a few years after Hungary’s liberation from communism, in the resto that occupied the building which had formerly been known as the Killian Barracks.


Freedom fighters, 1956, Budapest


In 1956, the young soldiers there were ordered out to help the Soviet invaders put down their own people. These brave patriots defied the Communist political officers attached to every unit and joined the rebels.

That’s a wonderful example for any member of any armed forces.

Viva Venezuela Libre!