You’re Wet? Probably Rain – Or Are You A Squirrophobe?

An infantile article in The Guardian is a not unusual occurrence, but this recent one rather takes the biscuit.

Nowhere within this lengthy whine by a hackette named Kate Connolly…


Anguished little Katy


…can I find anything remotely SINISTER about the UKIP star’s analysis of what happened in Germany last week. But evidently she does.

Rightwingers including Nigel Farage were quick to point the finger in the wrong direction after the attack on football club bus


Of course we can’t be SURE that this particular outrage wasn’t the work of crimmigrant undesirables, since the currently accused a stockmarket speculator and electrical engineer,  has not been tried, never mind convicted.

But the next time we read of some poor cop getting murdered, or some women in Cologne suffering molestation, or some vile ingrate brat refusing to shake his teacher’s hand…



…I’m damned sure our first thoughts won’t be that a stock-market speculator and electrical engineer is up to no good.

Because, unlike the Guardian’s Comrade Katy, our sinister minds work on a rational basis.

We know whom we must confront for the future safety, and identity, of our nation-states.

No doubt I’ll now be reviled for squirrophobia.