The Dark Lord Looms, Mordor Mobilises!

No apologies for again paying attention to this issue.

It’s important.

No sooner had Liar Juncker approved the menu for his snack n chat tomorrow with the malignant billionaire George Soros, than he told his minions to launch a lawyer-war on Hungary.


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Valdis Dombrovskis, a European commission vice-president, said the first step of an infringement procedure would be taken on the grounds that the government was seeking to unlawfully breach a higher education institution’s right to exist and operate as a service…

Oh yeah?



The EUSSR really thinks that Brussels power now extends to dictating what rules apply to a university in Budapest?.

Hungarian officials argue the changes mean the university would be treated in the same way as other higher education institutions in the country, with its status unchanged. EU takes legal action against Hungary over Soros-backed university

I doubt even the Guardian scribbler believes that this is all just about a college, even a college in Central Europe founded by a far-left magnate and run today by a pro-crimmigrant liberal Canadian politician.

If you or I, or any common man or woman, even with leftwing or liberal views, waltzed into Brussels and requested a closed-door audience with any of the EuroCommissars, their receptionists would chortle.

But when an arrogant un-elected plutocrat pops up, ha!

A VERY different story!

Soros gets warm Brussels reception amid spat with Hungary

This is war.

Solidarity with Hungary.