Hate Marine, Hate Trump – France24’s ‘World,’ Devoid Of Fair Play!

Yesterday was a gorgeous feast of sunshine here in Jakarta, ideal for a recovering party-animal to read a paper-back out front, a brief break to wander to the warteg for brunch, where I enjoyed some telur dadan jagung, corn mixed with eggs and fried to perfection…



…good cheap local food, though balanced ( ! ) by quite similar home-made Brit-Nosh (egg n chips!) for my second meal early evening.

But while I’m sure I’ll have another yummy sunny day – dazzling outdoors when I rose around 8am- the diet of hate on France 24 is infinitely less digestible!

They call it ‘The World This Weekend’ but it is a weird world in which these creatures live, in which patriotic, conservative or nationalist views are abhorred, no voice of dissent audible thanks to their stalinoid panel selection process.



When they stage an election debate, they’re obliged to include one freedom-fighter representative from Marine’s campaign, but even that token obeisance to the principles of impartiality suffers instant defenestration when they choose their TWTW line-up – ‘our panel of Paris-based journalists…’

Inevitably, we had that bigoted old Trumpophobe, Christopher Dickey, from France24’s Daily Beast ‘media partner!’

Then there was a local leftist, Paul Moreira, whose snarling anti-Marine in-put…


Hasil gambar untuk paul moreira


…was matched by some Indian bint named Leela Jacinto, identified as a ‘France24 reporter,’ ranting about ‘dangerous demagogues‘ – who was also quick to jump onto Dickey’s anti-Trump band-wagon.



On the President’s recent comments that he missed the relative privacy he enjoyed in his previous life, Jacinto hissed that she wished Donald was back in his previous life – ‘we’d all be a lot better off.


Hardly! She must have meant all the pukey pinkos in her employer’s tv studio.



Yes, they were out to get not just La Belle Marine but Trump too, with Christopher The Beast spitting noisome gems of animosity, e.g. ‘it’s hard to tell if Trump is a madman or just acts like one.’


Hasil gambar untuk dickey beast

France24’s Freak-Show! Leftist U.S. Loons Blame ‘FBI Plot!’ 

But we expect no less than bitter bile from The Beast!

The fourth member of the quartet, Mark Deen ( of Bloomberg – nuff said!) was also clearly no friend to Trump nor to Marine, but lacked the capacity for crass insult shown by Dickey or Jacinto or Moreira…



…so seemed almost normal, except for that scruffy beard he’s evidently been trying to grow for some time!

But France24 offered us NOT ONE – out of FOUR panellists –  in ANY way sympathetic to Marine, nor of course to President Trump.

ALL were hostile!

Watch it, if you doubt me, and if you can stomach the smugness of the merde-merchants, so secure in the knowledge that there’s no French patriot present to contradict their drivel.


Least of all Francois ‘Pinko’ Picard, the ‘host!’

France24, subsidised by the public purse, is in disgraceful denial of basic journalistic principles of fair play, for which, by the way, Le Muppet has little time.

‘Liberal’ Muppet Macron Bans Media Critics – Press On, Brave Marine! .


And the French can only hope to do so by voting the right way next week.

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