Leftist Muller Slurs ‘Populists,’ France 24’s U.S. Import Sings Along!

It is tiresome but needs to be monitored, the shameless bigotry of France24, this time in the unprepossessing form of its import, bald New York bore Douglas Herbert…

  • …who sounds a bit like Second-Hand Rose and shares the bitter left-liberal political bias of the actress who played that character.

  • He’s just done ‘interviewing’ an extremist academic named Jan-Werner Muller, if egging the pinko Pennsylvania prof on can really be construed as an ‘interview.’

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  • Muller is on record as saying that Donald Trump could not have made it clearer that he is a threat to democracy.

  • https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2017/jan/24/donald-trumps-warning-sign-populism-authoritarianism-inauguration

  • So obviously another lousy leftist, just as Herbert is a lousy journo, not a journo at all, really, just a lazy hack.

  • He lacks the skills to handle any real interviewing, so gets far-left freakos sat down in his studio then simply forgets that they should be challenged to defend their extremist arguments.

  • That’s why one never sees him host somebody whose views dissent from the France24 ‘Enemy Within’ ideology.

  • He’s finished now, and guess what the next treat is – that ghastly old Chicago witch Lisa ‘Lefty’ Nesselson…

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  • …who rarely manages NOT to abuse her position as film critic’ by introducing infantile leftism.

    France24’s Far-Left Lisa Spews Her Bias Once Again! 

  • YUP!

  • The nasty old cow just did it again, a jibe against Marine, some incoherent hogwash about Django Reinhart’s heritage, made no sense – but then Baba Yaga doesn’t much.

  • Heck, this media merde is too much – time concentrate on sunbathing with my paperback.

  • NB I have been out front but the tv is on indoors so I can’t avoid hearing it.