Enemy Within – Pro-Crimmigrant ‘NGOs’ Under Investigation?

It’s not every morning I wake up to find myself agreeing with remarks made by Italy’s current Foreign Minister!


Gambar terkait


But Signor Angelino Alfano has shown some courage in telling the media he’s in “100 per cent” agreement with the Sicilian prosecutor who’s publicly voiced concern over some aid groups colluding with smuggler gangs to import crimmigrants into his country.



”Those who become indignant at the drop of a hat are hypocrites!”  Italian FM backs prosecutor on NGO migrant row

Given the indifference – I won’t say ‘hypocrisy,’ not quite yet –  of Theresa May to the exposure of far-left ‘NGOs’ being subsidised by British tax-payers…


UK Voters! Tell Theresa – Get Our Money Back From This ‘NGO!’ 

…this is refreshing news indeed from Italy.

Carmelo Zuccaro, the prosecutor, also deserves thanks for raising the issue, which has provoked shrill denials from the alleged ‘non-government’ organisations.

Let’s see how this turns out.

I took note of Zuccaro’s warning a week or more ago, and wondered if those accused were, like so many similar outfits, they might be phoney, claiming NGO status when in fact they’re getting government money.


Gambar terkait


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Italy prosecutor claims NGOs are working with migrant smugglers


So where DO they get their money from?