Tory Purge – Theresa May Dances To Gaystapo Tune!

The Guardian understands that senior figures in the Conservative party made clear that Turner’s behaviour was unacceptable…


Andrew Turner, MP for The Isle of Wight


One Tory insider said there was “no room in the Conservative party” for homophobic comments.


That ‘insider‘ –  pity the Guardian’s intrepid reporter didn’t identify the creep –  must be assumed to represent the party leadership.

Thus we see that Theresa May has totally abandoned traditional values, and that men and women of good conscience need to contemplate carefully what they’re going to do on polling day.

Andrew Turner was a respected MP for the best part of twenty years, and now, all because some malignant teenage squealer, Esther Poucher by name, was offended by his assertion of principle at a sixth form chat session, he’s been hounded out of his constituency by May’s hit-men.

May was once upon a time a defender of decency.



But she cast principle aside, pushing not only ‘gay’ weddings but also the legalisation of ‘gay adoption,’ by which helpless children are consigned to the custody, care and control of co-habiting queers. Consequently, she is now lauded by the maladjust media –

Baroness Featherstone – the architect of the equal marriage law – has since affirmed that May’s support was instrumental in convincing the Conservative leadership and the Cabinet to agree to move forward with the proposal, which resulted in the 2013 Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act.

In her book ‘Equal Ever After’, Baroness Featherstone praised the Home Secretary as an “unsung hero” of the push for marriage. 

From gay rights opponent to ‘unsung hero’ of equal marriage

The turncoat openly espoused liberalism just weeks ago, so we should not be surprised at what she’s done. As an unequivocal member of the Remain campaign, her attachment to the vile ‘values’ of the European Union should have been clear to everyone.

Even so, her readiness to dance to the gaystapo tune so shamelessly, to the extent of ordering a purge of a long-serving legislator, simply for saying what normal people think, that ‘homosexuality is wrong,’ even shocks me.

Surely Brits cannot truly trust her with the future of their country?