Mon Dieu! The Double Standards Of France’s Liberal Media!

The arrogance of the media is extraordinary, as you’ll have noticed if you saw  those braying jackasses at the posh Washington White House Correspondents’  Dinner on tv yesterday.

They were clearly miffed that President Trump preferred the more wholesome company of the thousands of ordinary Americans at the patriot rally in Pennsylvania.


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But it’s the sheer hypocrisy of their French counterparts that deserves attention today, with hacks from more than 30 French media outlets whining about their allegedly restricted access to patriot presidential candidate Marine.

I note that The Leftal, sorry The Local, gives us a clue why much of the media in France might be unpopular with the lady – once more, they insist on calling her ‘far-right.’



Marine has unequivocally asserted that she is NOT ‘far-right‘ but still the hacks stick to their biased labelling, despite the known fact that her platform of stopping crimmigration and cracking down on subversive Islamists has huge public support.

But while the media like dishing out bias, they don’t like blow-back!

“Several outlets have had their representatives excluded from any information or any possibility to follow the National Front candidate…” French media slam Le Pen lockout while Macron bans Russian news sites


The petition was signed by representatives for journalists at Agence France-Presse (AFP) and editorial staff at other major French media outlets including Le Monde and Le Figaro dailies, TF1 and BFM television channels as well as France Info radio…..

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“We protest in the strongest way against this hindrance to carrying out our duty to inform,” the petition says.

Duty to INFORM?

If they were providing objective reports, unslanted coverage, these ‘several outlets’ might not be encountering any problems.



But in fact, The Leftal exemplifies the inability of left-liberal media to cover election news fairly.

At no point in their entire report do they have any source from Marine’s campaign explaining the ‘restrictions!’

It goes without saying that there MUST be reasons for the situation, but The Leftal can’t or won’t tell us both sides of the story!

Instead they just provide a megaphone for arrogant hacks.

“It is not up to political structures, whatever they may be, to decide on which outlets are allowed to exercise their democratic role in society.”

Hell, Jimmy Olsen, cub-reporter, must be turning in his cartoon grave.


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Back in the day when journos worked hard to report news, and took pride in their hard work, they didn’t ask their targets to set themselves up as sitting ducks for predatory, prejudiced reporting.

And as for double-standards, where’s the hacks’ petition against Muppet Macron’s ban on media whose reporters upset his sensitive Europhiliac soul?


‘Liberal’ Muppet Macron Bans Media Critics – Press On, Brave Marine! .


NO PETITION, or none that I have heard of, anyway.

These hack hypocrites care naught for press freedom, only for their inalienable human right to put the boot into Marine!



I don’t read French news sites but if the French-language media is anywhere NEAR as devoid of impartiality as their Anglophone comrades on France24…


…then Marine is absolutely entitled to exclude them and tell them to –