The Return of Red Renzi – Can’t Keep A Bad Man Down?

Aaah, it’s that Red Renzi again…


Well, he walked into the party, like he was walkin’ aboard a yacht…?’

 Not quite Warren Beatty!


…and contrast my headline, above, with EUObs’, below!

Resurrected Renzi to regain leadership of Italy’s ruling party

Breathless with excitement, we read that this demented drip hopes to rise and rise in time to lead the charge against the populist, anti-euro Five Star Movement (M5S) in a looming general election.

Fingers crossed M5S gets its act together and allies with Liga Nord, as we wrote last month.

Can Italy, Menaced By Crimmigrant Jihad, Break Free From Brussels? 


The former leader returns to the EU capital in a combative mood, with fresh pledges to revive Italy’s sluggish economy…

Oh yeah? Wasn’t Renzi’s total failure to do that one of the reasons he lost last year’s referendum and was forced to quit?

The reporter has to admit that’s true.

…a governing record marred by banking crises and a failure to address Italy’s chronic low-growth problems, have tarnished his reputation….he has also drawn criticism for breaking his solemn promise to withdraw from public life in case of a defeat in the referendum.



But ya gotta hand it to him for brass neck!

He’s now purporting to be concerned about terrorism – he’s aware, it seems, of sectarian cess-pools like Belgium’s Molenbeek, which he called “Europe’s terrorist capital.”



But his solution is not to clean out the rats’ nest, detain and deport every disloyal Islamist that can be rounded up…



…but instead to start EU-wide investment plans, including the redevelopment of such deprived urban areas…

Sure, throw money at those whose allegiance lies overseas. Sorry, clown, but money can’t buy us love. Yet what else should we expect from a leftist freako who hand-cuffed Italian cops by decriminalising illegal immigration?



Moreover, he’s an overt appeasement-addict!

Who could forget how he abased himself to the Ayatollah despotism’s intolerance by his infamous cover-up of Rome’s historic heritage…


  • rome_statues

….all a-fret lest the primitive prudes get over-excited by a glimpse of a marble nipple!

And listen to his hypocrisy, in a recent tv debate..

“A Europe that is not attentive to what is happening among the people and relies on bureaucrats […] is a Europe that is finished..”

…this from the man who NEVER consulted his own people on his ruinous policy of importing hundreds of thousands of crimmigrants!

NO referendum on THAT, although the alien tsunami not only caused rapine and mayhem all over Italy but spread north into the rest of Europe too, thanks to his failure to have the crimmigrants detained on arrival.

He looks likely to regain control over his own party, but don’t be down-hearted!

Surely by now the long-suffering Italians have had enough!