Schulz Probe Closed, But ‘Europe’ Out To Get Marine!

The EU’s anti-fraud office has dropped a probe into former European Parliament chief Martin Schulz.



A 2016 report from the EU parliament found it “difficult to differentiate fully” Schulz’s political activities from his preparation as “Spitzenkandidat” to head the Socialists political group in the 2014 European elections. It also noted “at least indirect use of Parliament staff” in Schulz’s personal campaign efforts.




No charges! 

End of story! Despite what Der Spiegel reported earlier this year that Schulz’s campaign manager for his bid to become German chancellery, Markus Engels, had been receiving an EU parliament salary while mostly working out of an office in Berlin since 2012. Engels at the time also reportedly received a special tax-exemption status and had his travel expenses covered given that his contractual place of employment was Brussels.

Forget all that boring old stuff!

Schulz is pure as the driven snow!

But the very same week the Europhiliac German Socialist is exonerated, guess who the Strasbourg ‘Parliament’ is gunning for?

EU Parliament to Consider Lifting Le Pen’s Immunity…

Ain’t that just an amazing coincidence? That report came out on 27th April.

Do the math!

How many days before the French Presidential Election?