Tonight, Debate! Bon Chance, Marine!

Must take a nap this afternoon, so I can be on good form to stay up late in Jakarta, enjoying the Presidential Debate in Paris.



Just listening to France24 – why am I such a masochist? – and it turns out there’s a bunch of ‘artists’ out on the streets there, gabbling pro-Muppet merde, telling the media that he’s the only pro-democracy candidate!

I hope their music is in better shape than their logic.

  • Last I heard, Marine’s the one offering real democracy, with referenda on the big issues.
  • It’s hard to find anything positive to say about Muppet, but at least he’s got a little more guts than that old shyster Chirac, who chickened out of debating Marine’s rough-hewn Dad, was it something like twenty years ago?
  • Prediction?


I reckon La Belle Dame will wipe the floor with the Europhiliac.