Fish And Chips AND A Balanced Media Diet? UKIP OK!

Further to the discussion on UKIP in our comments column, here’s something positive with which few patriotic Brits will disagree.


Ukip has pledged to scrap the BBC license fee amid fury over the Corporation’s alleged anti-Brexit “bias.”
Ukip pledge to scrap licence fee to punish ‘biased’ BBC

BBC Bias Wanders Down Rue de Brexit!


Whilst nobody can quarrel with UKIP when they point to the BBC’s repeated bias in favour of the EUSSR ( from which they infamously have been getting loads of money) the party should focus too on the irresponsible way the BBC has tried to make the crimmigrant curs of the Calais Jungle seem sympathetic.

Je Suis Pravda? BBC Won’t Call Paris Savages ‘Terrorists!’ 

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In fact it’s hard to think of any issue where the BBC hasn’t taken an anti-British stance, except maybe the Falklands War when it declared itself neutral in the conflict between those who picked up its bills and the Argentine aggressors killing members of the British armed forces.

 Will the BBC EVER Be Pro-British? 


UKIP will compare the TV license to Margaret Thatcher’s poll tax as it questions why poorer households must pay the £147 annual charge.



The change will save the average family £400 a year by around 2020, Ukip figures will argue as they declare it is “time to axe the TV tax.”


But there’s more! 

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Fish and chips – probably my most favoured dish, and a staple for millions of British working men and women.

Makes a change to see any political party support proper food, rather than taking pork off menus to pander to pushy minorities.

And co-0pting arrogant health-fascists!

...the state, he thinks, should “frankly, act like a parent” Jamie Oliver is a patronising bully and he can stick his sugar tax