Muppet Ngesot? Makhluk Aneh Di Paris!

My headline is for my Indonesian readers, as they too understand more and more of Western politics and constitute a plurality of my audience still.

Suster Ngesot – ‘The Crawling Nurse’ – was a popular horror film here, with some subsequent spin-offs since its release ten years ago, including The Curse of Suster Ngesot, as below.


Hasil gambar untuk suster ngesot 2007

So when Marine denounced Muppet Macron as ‘The Crawling Candidate,’ I immediately thought of the local horror, though the scary nurse is surely not as frightening as the thought of that little Europhiliac appeasement monkey in Paris moving into the Elysee Palace.


Hasil gambar untuk macron monkey


I found a good likeness which perfectly illustrates the bankster’s policies of surrendering French sovereignty to Brussels and pandering to disloyal Islamists.

In my opinion, Marine was the winner, and a wry smile was the only possible response today, when the some France24 yapper today said that Muppet’s best barb in response to Marine’s common sense comments was to say she lacked ‘finesse.’

Finesse – extreme delicacy or subtlety is the dictionary definition…

Hasil gambar untuk finesse

…so thanks be, that Marine is not lumbered with that smarmy, sly ‘quality’ that has made so many people despise politicians as a class.