“Progressive” Pocahontas? How Biased Media Debase Our Language!

If news media are intent on slanting their reporting, they could at least have the grace to make it less obvious.

Channel Four is probably just about as biased as the BBC –

Mr Obama has drawn criticism from fellow Democrats over a $400,000 (£309,000) upcoming speaking engagement to a Wall Street investment firm.

The money-grubbing racist deserves criticism, true, but it’s the next part that I’d like to talk about.


Pocahontas Warren, nick-named for her dubious claim to Red Indian ancestry!


Progressive senator Elizabeth Warren, who is seen as a possible 2020 presidential candidate, said she was “troubled” by Mr Obama’s decisionhttp://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-39740863

Hold that thought!

And whilst holding it, look at this headline, from another part of the slanted media – Channel 4 News.

Hasil gambar untuk channel four bias

Nigel was correct to call them out then, but they are  a sly pinko pack, using vocabulary as well as content to prey on viewers.

Would a progressive alliance work together?

FactCheck Q&A: could tactical voting lead to a progressive majority?

 And another example, from an outfit we’ve mentioned before, to which France24’s foreign editor is attached. And Now It Begins- France24 – Blatant Bias Against Marine! 

Why French progressives should vote for Macron | openDemocracy

We’ve said it before, and it MUST be said again, this is a deliberate partisan slant calculated to put a positive spin on persons or policies referred to as ‘progressive.’

‘Progress’ is something we all want,  whether in kindergarten’s Three Rs learning, or in our adult careers.

And of course…


Hasil gambar untuk progress


,,,a patient in hospital is happy to be told by the doctors that he or she’s making progress.

That’s why the rotten media seize its adjectival form to mystify their audiences into approval of pet projects like ‘amnesty’ and fave flunkeys, like Muppet Macron.

It’s no more an objective presentation of what it’s used to promote than ‘far-right’ is fair reportage of  nationalist candidates.

  • Notice again that ‘far-left’ is rarely if ever applied to those whom it accurately describes, like the Greens.