Swiss To Deport Bad Spaniard? This Should NOT Be News!

A 55-year-old Spaniard who was born in Switzerland and has lived in the alpine country all his life is at risk of being deported after failing to change his criminal behaviour.



Over the years he was convicted of many offences including theft, drug crimes, road traffic offences, damage to property, violence and threatening behaviour, according to the court judgement.




Sensible Switzerland!

He’s NOT Swiss, as the very first sentence told us! He should have no right to live or work or BE in the country.

That case, or rather the way it’s reported, exempliflies what’s wrong. If sanity ruled, the deportation of every alien convicted of any offence at all, it would not be newsworthy.

If anything, media should be reflecting the indignation among honest Swiss about what a parasitical waste of space the Spaniard is…

In total he has been convicted of 31 offences and spent over ten years in prison. He has received social welfare benefits since 2012.

….and demanding answers as to why he was not kicked out of the country DECADES ago!

It’s not the first of its kind.  

Howzabout another long-term resident who appealed to the same cantonal court ,a 27-year-old Afghan, who came to Switzerland as a refugee aged two, lost his appeal after the court said he was unlikely to change his criminal behaviour?

Living in somebody else’s country should NEVER be a ‘right!’

It’s a privilege!

I have lived in Indonesia for years and years now, and glory in that privilege.



If Indonesia decides it doesn’t want me here, for whatever reason, good or bad, I’d lament the fact bitterly but would not dream of telling Indonesians I’m entitled to be here, regardless of their laws.

Back to the Spaniard in Switzerland –

His behaviour was testament to “his inability to conform to Swiss law and his total reluctance to respect the values of our country.” 
Consequently, the court deemed the man a danger to the public.

Nice to see that some courts care about their own countrymen and women.

Pity those robed ratbags in Britain don’t!

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