Voluble Vermin Fume At SAS Flag – Tell 'Em Where To Shove It!

After our post on Ulster yesterday –Guilty Silence In Ulster! Where’s That Noisy Old Argie Now? – here’s a neat follow-up, with Sinn Fein scumbags shrilling over the dramatic appearance of an SAS flag at Loughgall.

Scumbag No.1 is a ratbag named Mickey Brady, who is their MP for Newry and Armagh.



Braying Brady


Beastly Brady thinks the proud banner will add further distress to the families of the IRA men who died in the Co Armagh village in 1987.   Sinn Fein report SAS flag at Loughgall to police – Belfast Newsletter

Well boo-bloody-hoo!

Those murderous terrorists deserved all they got!


Scumbag No.2 is Mid Ulster MP Francie Molloy, who reminds us what a good job those SAS heroes did that day.

Loughgall murder gang sought war – and they got it

Fretty Francie reckons it was a terrible shame that the vermin ended up by exemplifying the Biblical adage, that one reaps what one sows.

“The tragic events of Friday 8th May 1987 will be forever defined as one of the saddest periods for the Republican family in County Tyrone.



Does this mewling ass really expect anyone to take his braying seriously?


This is a sinister and provocative development which Sinn Féin has reported to the PSNI.

My God!



He’s crawling off to the cops to try to get them to stop somebody celebrating a magnificent SAS action which took out terrorists whose target was the local cop-shop?

It’s not just for their efficient despatch of the Loughgall lice that the SAS deserve to be celebrated.

They did a grand job in Gibraltar, too.




And elsewhere!

So it’s the right, arguably the duty even, of any loyal Brit anywhere to fly their flag.

I don’t know how the PSNI will respond to this  whinge.


The RUC, sacrificed on the altar of appeasement


They were established as an act of appeasement, when the treason party got the UK Government to disband the Royal Ulster Constabulary and there’s been more than one indication of what at best could be termed poor judgement in their officer corps…

Ulster Top Cop – Lying, or Grovelling to Sinn Fein? 

..but if they have any sense, they’ll give Dublin’s Fifth Column an appropriately blunt reply.