Sumatra Crimmigrants Re-Branded As ‘Refugees?’ Why, Jakarta Post!

The Indonesian Navy has thwarted an attempt to smuggle eight Somali citizens using an Indonesian boat from Malaysia through Bagan Asahan waters in North Sumatra.

That’s likely true enough, but  how does the Jakarta Post headline the story?

Indonesia foils smuggling of Somali refugees from Malaysia


Oh, really? Was the crimmigrant incursion really ‘thwarted?’ If the word has any meaning, it means the crimmigrants were prevented from entering Indonesia.

Were they?

Bapak Agung Samporno, of the Directorate General of Immigration at the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, says the captain and crew had jumped into the mangrove forest carrying the passports of eight Somali refugees who had allegedly come from Malaysia.

So did Pak Agung say the detainees included the illegal passengers?Were all those detained promptly sent back to Malaysia?

It doesn’t sound like it! And how has he determined the crimmigrants are ‘refugees?’ Can serious vetting be completed so speedily?

If you peruse the entire JP report from top to bottom, you’ll find not a jot of evidence that the persons on the vessel were ‘refugees.

Is the JP staffed by psychics?

We should not blame the reporter. After all, they don’t dream up the headlines, as a rule. That’s up to the editorial staff.

So did some editorial fatwa get handed down, that all stray Somalis found sneaking into Indonesia MUST be presented to readers as poor, pitiful ‘refugees?’

It’s a pattern long-established in other countries.


At some point he asked his boss why the reporters kept labelling immigrants as refugees when it was evident that they were not.


My boss informed me that immigrants are weak and that it is therefore the obligation of TV-journalists to be on their side. Immigrants had to be presented as so pitiful that viewers would weep.”

Is the author of this Jakarta Post headline Swedish, perhaps? Has the Swedish disease spread to Jakarta?

Or it just typical Jakarta Post journalism?

There are some people born in Somalia who can accurately be described as refugees.




Think of one Somali-born woman who in fact is downright heroic, the brave and wise Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who has been subjected to death threats by sectarian savages for her warnings to Western countries.

There are also lots of other Somalis who go abroad who can accurately be described in other ways, for example : –

An 18-year-old Somali man has been arrested for breaking into a hospital and trying to sexually assault a female patient. Man arrested after attempted hospital sex attack

Or those described here, detained in connection with terrorist offences.  Minnesota’s 5th Amendment 5th Column – History Repeats Itself? 

Or this Somali trio? One of 3 men accused in Portland beating death pleads guilty

Or this?  Somalian migrant Marke Abdulah Ahmad, who was on the boat, also said the asylum seekers were subject to abuse. “We were tortured and inhumanely treated by the Australian military..”  Asylum Seekers Allege Mistreatment by Australian Navy

Or those mentioned here – UK’s ‘Asylum’ Undesirables – Back to Somalia Soon? 


We could go on and on, and the list of course wouldn’t prove that most Somali illegals are dangerous. I’d say most are economic migrants.

True, their country’s not nice to live in, given the vicious religious intolerance –

Somalia has officially banned Christmas and New Years celebrations

Government claims that such festivities will threaten Islamic culture

Gambar terkait

Mohamed Khayrow, director general of Somalia’s Ministry of Religious Affairs, stated that Christmas celebrations could “could damage the faith of the Muslim community.”.

…but if such brutal bigotry were the litmus test for refugee status, how many Pakistanis too could register a claim, or any other nationality in the clammy grip of shariah law.


Meanwhile, Australians should pay heed.



Pak Agung reminds us that “Indonesia is located between a refugee-receiving country, Malaysia, and a country that has ratified the UN convention on refugees, Australia….,”


So these phoney ‘refugees’ – PHONEY because they were already in Malaysia, so moving to Indonesia shows they’re not seeking a safe refuge, just a a cushier berth – are actually aiming for Oz, more snouts nuzzling at the tax-payer trough.

Anyway, the point remains.

Media misrepresentation of migrants, as in the Jakarta Post, does not do real refugees any sort of service. Indeed, it wasn’t THAT long ago that the JP provided a platform for a far-left female Indonesian to attack Hirsi Ali.

An Unspeakable Woman – And An Unspeakable Newspaper! 

There must be a measure of animosity towards victims of Islamist evil in its corridors

I doubt we’ll see a change in style any time soon, any more than the JP will ever apologise for its gutless editors’ failure to condemn the Nazi-style book-burning in which its Gramedia parent company collaborated with the most extreme Islamist factions in Indonesia.





. Does what does Yo-Ho!

Good work, Indonesian Navy, who have presented the crimmigrants’ passports to the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, and a photo of said passports tops the Jakarta Post report today.

But the Directorate spokesman told the media that the captain and crew had jumped into the mangrove forest carrying the passports of eight Somali refugees who had allegedly come from Malaysia.

But where are the Somali crimmigrants?

If the villains who were transporting them were rounded up, okay, but what about the illegal immigrants who constituted their cargo?

The logical inference is that they too were taken, but if they are now being detained in Sumatra, then their illicit incursion was not actually foiled, as the headline says. They are not back in Malaysia.

Or are they? Or are they just being held pending deportation?

They musts their ere  ,Did