Hollande’s Operation Cover-Up – Vive La Resistance!

Quite shocking, really, that France’s most famous newspaper won’t let its readers know what’s in the documents ‘hacked’ and published in free media outside of France…




…but then again, we know what sort of ‘journalism’ is served up by left-liberals in the English-language media, so it’s not shocking at all that their French counterparts are no different.

Largest French Newspaper Explains Why It Won’t Cover The Macron Leaks

Le Monde’s excuses include the sheer amount of information involved, which says a lot for a big-budget publication with pretensions to serious investigative skills.

But listen to this – the other excuse is that these files were published 48 hours before the vote, with the clear goal of harming the validity of the ballot



The validity of the ballot is clear.

How can it not be, when the electoral process is intact, the ballot is secret, the voters are free to go to the polls and are alert to the issues – except to whatever issues may be raised by the latest revelations!


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  • French people are perfectly capable of reading the documents and deciding if they are credible.

  • But that capability is gravely impeded by Le Monde’s brazen cover-up….



…a cover-up overseen by Le Retch Hollande, who has his minions sedulously issuing threats to anyone who breaks cover and gives the people a chance to make up their own minds.

Media and public warned not to publish documents

Fight back, France!

Vive La Resistance!


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