Poor Sick Canada – Mother’s Day Outlawed By BC School!

Another intolerant, indeed almost inexplicable, blow to traditional values in Canada, where some sicko school-boss has warned kids not to expect any Mother’s Day or Father’s Day activity within school premises.


Unfortunately, the pathetic klutz who sent that note is not identified, but I feel the clowns in charge at Albert McMahon Elementary School, British Columbia (is it BC still, or changed to PC?!) should be made to explain themselves, which the note doesn’t…


Albert McMahon building picture


…unless we accept this ludicrous statement, that it’s a bid to ensure that all students, including those without traditional nuclear families, felt positive about their own family arrangements, whatever they may entail.  http://honey.nine.com.au/2017/05/05/14/33/school-in-canada-cancels-mothers-day-so-kids-without-mums-dont-miss-out/

What decadent hogwash.

Of course not every student has a mum and a dad.

Sadly sometimes they have no parents and are being looked after by grandparents or aunts or elder siblings.

Such exceptions to the rule have always existed and have never been made an excuse for outlawing those important Days.

Sounds to me like it’s yet another bit of cheer-leading by those who detest family values.

If you agree, tell the school.

Here’s their contact details.


Albert McMahon Elementary
32865 Cherry Avenue
Mission, BC, Canada
V2V 2V1

Tel: (604) 826-0274

Fax: (604) 826-1760

Principal Hardeep Grewal
Vice Principal Cyndie Anderson

Secretary: Crystal Mulholland