The Fall Of France? Mais Non! Vive La Resistance!

I spent an unpleasant half hour or so, whilst waiting for the French election result, in front of the tv, assailed by the nauseating prejudice of  France24’s panellists, who were, as usual, ALL hostile, some virulently bigoted, in their attitude towards Marine.


  • But finally we got past all that, and once the results were announced, I left the leftist skunks to wallow in their own stench.\

  • So what are we to make of what’s been decided in the polling booths?

  • A bad result for France, true, but not that bad for Marine, whose eleven million voters are a record high for her party, and who can  look forward to a big increase in the percentage of National Assembly legislators next month.


Let the dust settle,

In the weeks ahead, let’s see if the rotten media can continue to cover up the substance of those documents that Hollande ordered them not to reveal.

At least Hollande, Le Retch, will now ooze off into obscurity, though he may well pop up in another incarnation in Brussels.


Gambar terkait

Like father, like son – but when the similarities become glaring, who will really like that!


As for Muppet Macron, he will soon enough drop the ‘centrist’ mask and be seen as the left-liberal he undoubtedly is.


Gambar terkait


THEN La Resistance will rise and rise!

Enough for tonight.


As I was switching everything off, France24 changed their panel slightly. They took off one of the most poisonous leftists, a creepy lecturer named Aurelien Mondson, and brought on two young men, one from Muppet’s ‘movement’ and one fro Marine’s Youth Section.

So out of the four, now one was pro-Marine and the rest were anti.

‘Progress’ of sorts!