FBI Firing No Shock – Nor Is Biased BBC Coverage!

Lazy day, overcast outdoors, so just outa bed and am mulling over the news of FBI Director Comey’s dismissal.

Might be wise to wait and see what’s going on, but surely few are surprised that this fellow’s  been red-carded.

As for what’s going on, we won’t get much help from the BBC…

…which has just provided its predictable objective coverage by interviewing a whiney bint named Sarah Kendzior, who helpfully informed us that Donald Trump is an ‘autocratic ruler’ and continued with a rabid leftist rant.



If I’d held my breath after she finally shut up, waiting for the BBC to display even minimally impartial reporting skills by interviewing one of the millions of Americans who voted for Trump, I’d be headed for the morgue by now!

Kendziar is an infamous foe of the President…


Kendzior is a writer and journalist from St. Louis, Missouri, and one of the most outspoken critics of Donald Trump..


.Gambar terkait

Sarah Kendzior on President Donald Trump and the  Authoritarian State

….as you can quickly grasp from the above link to a fanatic left-liberal gathering not long ago.

That’s clearly why the BBC chose her to spout bilious, bigoted opinions.

Can these Enemies Within NEVER play fair with a news item?