Korea – Might Monarchy Be Better Than A ‘Human Rights Lawyer?’

Just about to hit the pit last night when I saw the President Elect of South Korea being feted by a band playing ‘Land of Hope and Glory!’


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This pleasing sound helped assuage my concerns abut what might lie in store under President Moon Jae-In, but only a little! 

Readers will know, and, I hope, share, my general prejudice against lawyers in general…

  • I’ve referred before to the splendid joke told by a character played by the late, great Robin Williams in a film a few years ago.
  • He was talking about the reasons why research laboratories were allegedly contemplating using lawyers instead of rats.


  • RAT-facebook
  •  The lab assistants were becoming very attached to their little rats. This emotional involvement was interfering with the research being conducted. No such attachment could form for a lawyer…AND   …. There are some things even a rat won’t do!.
  • ———-

…and ‘human rights lawyers’ in particular.

Still, one can only pray that the new leader is nothing like his name-sake, that oily weasel who ran the UN for several years.

North Korea’s red despotism is a serious threat, with nuclear weapons, and if the South were so ill-advised as to adopt Ban Ki Moon’s pusillanimous policies…


Ban Ki Moon

No military solution to boat migrant crisis: U.N. chief to paper

No military solution’ to Ukraine crisis, UN chief BanKimoonwarns …

No military solution will settle the Syrian crisis – Kimoon


…then if Communist tanks came rolling southwards, that twat would probably roll over and ask the reds to scratch his belly!

However, my knowledge of South Korea politics is minimal.

If asked to suggest a solution to the conflict on the divided peninsula, my preferred outcome would be reunification under a restored Korean constitutional monarchy, with an emperor, like those who once reigned, until the Japanese intruded and reduced the poor country to colonial status in 1910.


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Imperial restoration … Yes 41% – No 23%

This idea seems to be not without support, at least when the last survey was taken in 2010.  

South Korean Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra said on Tuesday that the Korean people are still in favor of restoring the empire’s royal family.